Memoto: A tiny clip-on camera that takes a picture every 30 seconds, capturing whatever you are looking at, and then applies algorithms to the resulting mountain of images to find the most interesting ones. The images are clustered by their predominant colors, and then “we get a diagram of how varied the colors are over the day,” says Källström, whose 17-person company is based in Linköping, Sweden. Filtering system to pick out the most interesting photos of the day -  30-35 moments from your day. Last fall, the team raised $550,189 from the public on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, where they promised a camera to anyone who paid $279 up front. That was far more than the $50,000 they had expected to raise.

NeoLucida: An optical drawing tool, updated for the 21st century. It superimposes a virtual image of your subject onto your paper. You can see your hand and subject at the same time. The camera lucida was invented by Sir William Hyde Wollaston in 1807, but it's been mostly forgotten for decades. The update is portable, and weighs 9oz. After making one batch of neolucidas, makers Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin will open source the design. It costs $20 and is currently sold out.

  • Goal: 15k
  • Raised: 105617k

Bartendo: a Cocktail-dispensing Robot: Bartendo is a modular, open-source cocktail-dispensing robot. It's an affordable version of precision dispensing technology, made with Raspberry Pi. Comes with a user interface for drink customization and admin screens for managing dispensers, ingredients, and drink recipes. You can also view reports of the drinks made and quantities used.

  • Goal: 135k
  • Raised: 197,464k


Bluebee: A wireless tag that you can attach to your bags, keys, etc. It looks like a tape (remember those?). It connects to your smartphone and will show up on your smart phone map if it's within close range.It will also locate your smartphone and make it ring if you have the blue bee but not your smartphone. If the blue bee is outside of range, other blue bee users will get automatic alerts if they walk within range of it.

  • Goal: 60k
  • Raised: 9994

Christopher Walken T-Rex:A 13 foot tall T-rex with Christopher Walken's head. It's made using PVC piping, wood, chicken wire, shop towels & adhesive, and paint.

  • Goal: 760
  • Raised: 2622

De-Shock Ivan with Your KindnessHelp a Croatian poet survive as a Tisch student in NYC. Apparently the scholarship the school offered was not enough, and NYC is shockingly expensive. Give him $100 and he'll mention you in his thesis, give him $200 and he'll give you a personalized poetry night.

  • Goal: 5k
  • Raised: 760


MIT Researchers working on GPS to talk back to youDesigned to give the user the most time-saving, energy efficient route/directions. Developed by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and targeting Zipcar users. Through a back-and-forth interaction between driver and GPS, the algorithm is set to help the driver plan the best route and how fast to drive before the batteries run out.

MIT robot that assembles your IKEA furniture for you:  “The IKEABot maneuvers based on a CAD file it’s been given. The CAD file describes the piece of furniture in terms of its geometry and screw holes, allowing the robot to use a geometric reasoning system and symbolic planner to determine where each piece goes.”