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Your plumber called. He wants to know about those photos you have to shareThe capped social network beloved by designers and San Francisco technorati alike has come under a second round of fire for its spammy adoption practices. On Monday Stephen Kenwright downloaded Path, and then quickly deleted it without adding connections or uploading photos. On Tuesday, starting at 6:30 AM, Kenwright began receiving calls and texts from his friends, family, coworkers, and his plumber, all inquiring about the photos Path had told them he wanted to share with them.

Boston: Placesetter, a cambridge-based startup for realtors, raised $2.5million in funding. Placesetter is a real estate marketing platform to help professional realtors build their own websites. The funding was raised from a Boston seed fund, Romulus Capital, and angel investors.

New York: Rap Genius takes on the news. The spitballing Yalies behind Rap Genius are applying some of their a16z racks to a new vertical called News Genius. Since news stories these days are, like, so hard to parse, the Genii will do it for you. Right now, News Genius is in soft launch, but you can see some of the annotated stories, e.g. the FBI's Jean Seberg Memo, via its twitter feed.

IPO or M&A for Twitter? Reuters reports that Twitter has hired Cynthia Gaylor, a well-known IPO and M&A lawyer who previously worked for Morgan Stanley. Gaylor will run Twitter’s corporate development team. Past deals she’s advised on include Amazon’s purchase of Zappos and Google’s acquisition of Admob.

The new phone-a-thon. NPR's Planet Money wants to trace the life of a tee-shirt, from cotton seed to cargo ship to your credit card. To fund this complex investigation, they've turned to Kickstarter. Their goal: $50k. And yes, backers will receive t-shirts.

Bitcoin trying to make a comeback? (Well, Trump is biting.) One big detriment to bitcoins is that banks can shut down the accounts that Bitcoin exchangers use to turn old currencies into Bitcoin. Now, a mini-ATM will handle the exchanges. The ATMs cost approximately $5,000, with cheaper deals for wholesalers.

+Seller only accepts BitCoin for $1.9 million SoHo condo.

Apps/Product of the week:

  • SmartCap - digitally enhanced bottle cap. pop the cap and it ignites a larger event - such as firing off confetti, turning on the music, checking you in
  • Songza, the app that matches expert-created music playlists to your mood or activity, has just released a huge update to its iOS app, streamlining the experience quite a bit and cleaning up the UI to ensure that users are getting the best music to match their mood and activity in the fastest time possible. One of the biggest pain points with Songza is that it’s difficult to find the right music based on artists. Sure, you can hunt for mixes by genre, mood, activity and artists