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When I was a young-un (er, four years ago), summer internships meant 1) nurturing a growing outfit inferiority complex, 2) trying to wrangle interviews from clubbers on my flip cam, and 3) waitressing on the weekends so I could afford to continue no's 1-2. 

This, kiddos, is why you should get your butts into a compsci class, stat: you will have a much better chance of landing a summer internship that is educational, enjoyable, and lucrative.  

So what do we look for in prospective interns? There's no special sauce, but the following answers from our 2013 crop may shed some light.

Take it away, wunderkinder!

Round 1: The essentials

1. Where do you go to school?
2. What do you study?
3. Give us a unique/random fact of your choosing.


  1. Olin College of Engineering.
  2. Software Engineering and Applied Mathematics.
  3. A random fact about me is that I am the music director of Olin’s premier a cappella group, the PowerChords.


  1. Rochester Institute of Technology
  2. Game Design
  3. The average color of the universe is known as Cosmic Latte.  (If it was actually supposed to be about me, then… uh… on good days, I could see Canada from the house where I grew up?)


  1. Gann Academy


  1. I go to Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
  2. I study Computer Science and Digital Art.
  3. The longest (documented) that a person has ever lived was to the age of 124 years.


  1. Olin College of Engineering
  2. I’m currently an Electrical and Computer Engineering major, but that could easily be Robotics Engineering within a few months.
  3. Over the past three years, I have gone to my favorite dining establishment, Ihop, with 42 different people. (Ed - where's my invite?)


  1. Oberlin College
  2. Computer Science
  3. Random Fact: I took a contemporary dance class last semester, and it was awesome.