Hello, Skimboxers! Welcome to our support and general questions page. 

We hope the following are answers to your questions. If you don't see what you're looking for, send us a tweet @skimboxhelp or open a support request at our online help desk.


General FAQ

What is Skimbox?

Skimbox is an email app that automatically sorts incoming messages into two sections: those you need to act on and those you can just skim through (or ignore altogether).

Skimbox makes managing email from your inbox easy. Swipe right to archive, far right to delete, left to reclassifiy; tap to edit; tap to open, tap to defer. 

How do I get it? 

You can download Skimbox in the app store. If you're interested in Skimbox for Enterprise, let us know here.

What versions of iOS do you support?

We support iOS 6.0 and up. 

Who is Skimbox’s intended audience?

Anyone who gets more email than they’d like. In particular, people who have a low ratio of critical:crap, as Skimbox spotlights the former.

What makes Skimbox different from other email apps?

1) Its what: Skimbox intelligently pre-sorts email, saving you from the frantic wading and scrolling imposed by standard email apps. Bonus: Skimbox's sorting prowess improves the more you use it. 

2) Its whom: enterprises and enterprise users. We are building Skimbox to work seamlessly with Exchange. On-premise installation and administration features are on our roadmap. 

Will Skimbox work on my iPhone/Desktop/beeper?

Skimbox is primarily a native iOS app. We have a desktop web client for prototyping new features. Skimbox will not work on Androids, BlackBerries, Windows Phones, or beepers (sorry, Dennis!). 

How does the categorization work?

Long version can be found here. Shorter version: Skimbox looks at the correspondence history between you and the sender: how frequently are emails exchanged, what is the momentum, what is the ratio of send/reply, what is the average response time. Basically, emails from people/robots you've never corresponded with, who aren't part of your social graph, and which don't contain contextually important words or phrases will likely go to the skimbox. 

What if it misidentifies an important email?

Skimbox lets you reclassify any misidentified emails, and our classifier learns from your reclassifications. Right now, we err on the side of mainbox, meaning you're more likely to see a less important message in mainbox than you are to see an important message in skimbox. 

Do I have to stop using my current mail service to use Skimbox?

No; we’ve designed Skimbox to be an alternative way to access your email, not a replacement. Skimbox will not interfere with any existing clients, apps, or services. 

What email services do you support?

Our beta supports Gmail/Google Apps only (mostly for ease of testing). Our pending release supports Microsoft Exchange.

Is Skimbox secure?

In short: Yes. In medium: Skimbox uses current security best practices to protect your email. We use HTTP over Secure Socket Layers (aka HTTPS) to encrypt the transmission of your emails, and store your emails in a best practice Mongo database hosted by MongoHQ.

Do you read my email?

Emphatically no. The Skimbox classifier AI looks at header and body information to determine an email's importance, but we humans do not have (nor want) access to this information. We do get aggregate usage statistics to help us understand how you use Skimbox, and how we might improve it.

How much does Skimbox cost?

While we’re still in beta, nothing, and Skimbox will always be free for individuals. We will charge for the enterprise and on-premise versions. 

How do I contact you if I have a question, rant, paen, or need a pizza delivered?

Email feedback [at] skimbox.co or send a tweet at @skimboxhelp. Pizza delivery advice is subject to discretion.



General Skimbox Support


I accidentally deleted an email. Where did that go? 

A. In your Trash folder. You get to your trash folder by going to the lefthand menu. Trash is below your Deferred folder.  To move an email back to to mainbox, tap it, tap the black arrow in the righthand corner, and choose move to folder or move to main.


What happens when I defer an email to "someday?"

A. It just goes to the bottom of your Deferred folder (accessible via the lefthand menu), where it sits until you decide to deal with it.  



How do I refresh my emails?

You can pull down on the list of emails to refresh. Otherwise, Skimbox auto-refreshes every 15 minutes.  


Skimbox for Gmail Support

I swiped an email to "Archive." Where did it go? 

In your "All Mail" label. You can access this in the lefthand menu, below the Trash folder.


I have multiple Gmail accounts. How do I add them? 

Unfortunately, we do not yet support multiple accounts -- but they are coming in the next major release (early November, we think). 

Does Skimbox create extra folders in my Gmail account?

Yes, but only based on your actions. If you defer an email, it will show up in your Deferred folder in both the Skimbox app and in Gmail.

If I delete an email in Skimbox, what happens to it in Gmail?

A. Skimbox syncs all changes back to Gmail, and vice-versa. Any email you delete in Skimbox will appear in your Gmail trash folder.



Skimbox for Exchange Support

What do I need to connect Skimbox to my Exchange account?

You should talk to your IT administrator before downloading Skimbox. Skimbox supports Exchange 2007 or later, and requires a) your IT department to have enabled UPN login and b) you to use your email address as a UPN. 

Do you support Office365-based Exchange?  

As of 10/29/13 we support certain versions of Office365. We hope to support all flavors before December 2013. 

How do you connect to Exchange?

Skimbox uses Exchange Web Services (EWS) to connect. In order for Skimbox to connect to your Exchange account, EWS must be available outside the firewall. Autodiscover is optional.   

Skimbox is designed to work securely on premises at your organization. We are currently rolling out a very small beta of the on premise version. If you are interested in piloting Skimbox , please contact us via the form below or email david [at] skimbox [dot] co. 

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Will Skimbox create folders in Outlook? 

Yes, but only based on your actions. If you defer an email, it will show up in your Deferred folder in both the Skimbox app and in Outlook. Likewise, any archived emails will show up in your Done folder in both the Skimbox app and in Outlook.