Step 1: Connect Skimbox to Microsoft Exchange or Gmail

Start by inputting your account credentials. We encrypt Exchange credentials, and use OAuth for Gmail credentials. Note: we do not as of 10/15/13 support Office 365, but we are working to add this in the very near future. 

skimbox login.PNG
skimbox exchange.PNG

Step 2: Get to know your mainbox. 

Mainbox holds significant emails: the ones you need to read, respond to, and/or act on.


Step 3: Here be actions

Swipe right to archive. Archived emails are stored in the "All Mail" label.

Swipe far right to delete. Deleted emails are stored in the Trash folder.   


skimbox trash

Swipe left to reclassify. This will move an email from mainbox to skimbox, and vice versa. Reclassifying helps Skimbox learn your precise email preferences.


skimbox_move to skim

To defer an email, open it and tap the orange hand, then specify a specific date or someday. Deferred emails are stored in the "Deferred" folder accessible via the lefthand menu, and will reappear on your selected date. 


To manage multiple emails at once, tap the check mark. You can move selected messages to folders, defer for later, archive, or delete. 


 Step 4: Get to know your skimbox. 

Tap skimbox to see your skimmable emails.  The actions for skimbox are the same as the actions for mainbox.


Step 5: Talk to me

To compose a message, go to the lefthand menu, and tap "Compose." 


For your viewing pleasure, here's a quick clip of Skimbox in action.