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Thinking of writing about Skimbox? Here's the what/who/why rundown.

What is Skimbox?  

Skimbox is smart email for busy people. Skimbox is smart, secure, and free. 

How did the idea for Skimbox arise? 

Back in the fall of 2011, a group of software programmers attended MIT's EmTech conference, and became quickly and deeply intrigued by what was going on in the burgeoning big data space. Thanks to SoftArtisans, we had a decade plus of experience with unstructured data in major enterprises and financial institutions, and we saw the opportunity use that experience to bring modern analytics to email. We experimented by building an open source tool to inject large sets of email into HBase and then ran different views of the content. When we showed this to our major customers, they were intrigued but complained about much bigger problems with email than analysis: the risk of missing or forgetting to reply to important emails, amount of time spent on email, and, above all, the sheer volumes of unnecessary email.  And IT admins understood these problems, but needed any solution that attempted to address them to also have quality security and a degree of control. From this valuable feedback, we applied modern Machine Learning techniques to build a leading edge classification system available to use both in a friendly mobile app as well as integrate into existing desktop clients like Outlook.

There are approximately 4378.23 email apps. What makes Skimbox story-worthy? 

1. The Mainbox/Skimbox divide

Skimbox preemptively sorts new mail. Significant email goes into your mainbox, which is the first screen you see when you load the app. Everything else goes into your skimbox, which is accessed by tapping the second tab. 

2. The sorting algorithm

The preemptive sorting relies on some pretty groovy machine learning. Essentially, our algorithm learns your individual idea of significant/insignificant and sorts accordingly. In general, your history with the sender carries the most weight, but keywords, sentiment, and other contextual factors play in as well.  

3. Our enterprise focus

We have a long history of enterprise software development; the enterprise sector is what we know. We've built Skimbox from the ground up to satisfy both IT and user requirements.  


Okey doke. Walk me through this magical app.

No magic here! Just lotsa good ole fashioned common sense. Let's start with a video walkthrough.


Screenshot time. 

1. First, obvious, things first, you have to download Skimbox from the app store.

2. And authenticate your Gmail or Exchange account. 

skimbox login

3.  When you load Skimbox, the first screen you'll see is your mainbox. This holds your important emails. From mainbox, you can swipe right to archive, swipe far right to delete, or swipe left to reclassify. When you move a mainbox email to skimbox or vice versa, you're helping Skimbox learn your preferences. You can also open an email and defer it, either for a specific date or just some day. 
 You can apply these actions to single or multiple emails. No wheel reinvention here; just actions that make mobile email management a whole lot faster.


4. At some point, you may want to see what's bubbling in skimbox. Tap the skimbox tab and see.  You can do all the same actions in skimbox as you can in mainbox, by the way. 



Let's open an email, shall we?   From here, you can forward, reply, defer, archive, delete, or reclassify. Fun!


This looks nice, but what about composing a new email?

Fret not. Just tap the lefthand menu icon, then tap "Compose." 



































Right. Looks nice. About those icons…

Ah yes, here you go!

skimbox app store