Work at Riparian Data

Riparian Data is a Boston-based startup spun out of SoftArtisans, a 15 year-old software company. Overarching mission: identify information that is important to our users, using machine learning and AI technology. Our recipe for success: supremely talented employees, lean development, boundless pluck, and a close-knit, collaborative environment.

At Riparian Data, we welcome all manner of ideas, beliefs, hobbies, diets, and toaster oven preferences. Most of us work from around 10-6, some of us work from 9-5 or 8-4. We like Agile, though we've been to Niagara. Some of us have our own offices, some of us share offices, some of us work in the open office. There are no hammocks, but there is a nap room. Attending conferences and taking classes is encouraged. Amassing new skills is encouraged. Voicing your opinion is encouraged.

Want to voice yours?

Drop us a line (and a link to your LinkedIn profile/blog/