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Ration coal feeder

1.Ration strap coal feeder adopt international advanced technology by Schenck, Germany with reasonable structure. The reducer and motor are all in accordance with technical requirements of Schenck. The reducer is hanged on driving shaft directly and convenient for installation and maintenance with small size and good appearance.
2.Strap adopts margin strap to conquer weighing error caused by block board and to effectively prevent overflow deviation.
3.Weighing equipment adopts our unique double-roller structure to improve loading of transducer and to prevent precision from influence by tension and deviation of strap so as to ensure the correction of measuring and ration.
4.Adopt laser to seal welding and filling nitrogen and stainless steel high-precision transducer with precision higher than 0.05%
5.Install our unique high-precision displacement tester on return strap to remove weighing error caused by speed change..
6.Automatic adjustment equipment to prevent deviation and to ensure the strap running along the centre line
7.Stalk frame adopts circle and flat steel structure to reduce horizontal as much as possible and to effectively reduce collected deviation for less maintenance and steadier weighing.
8.Simple and easy demarcation and automatic adjustment of parameters
9.Plasma super-brightness Chinese menu display
10.Safety operation, Chinese indication, important operation password management, automatic Chinese list printing for duty/daily/monthly capacity
11.Chinese indication and alarming for breaking, jam deviation, overweighing and strap overspeed. Close period recording.
12.Frequency conversion for timing
13.Flux 4-20m resolution linearity output