Boston: Microsoft Veteran Steven Sinofsky to Teach at Harvard this Spring: Well, the question of what the Windows 7 and Windows 8 mastermind will do following his November departure from Microsoft has now been answered: preach product development to future masters of the universe.

Squarespace partners with Stripe to launch Squarespace Commerce. Hipster shopkeeps can peddle their wares for $30/mo and collect payments via Stripe.

AOL Acquires Gdgt. Can more tech product-focused content and reviews make the internet giant relevant again?

Dr. Spaceman battles the Grey Lady. After the NYT published a rather dismissing review of the Tesla Model S, CEO Elon Musk accused the reviewer of committing journalistic malpractice, and published some charts he claimed prove it. But do they?

Are Affiliate Ads Ads? Brainpickings self-titled curator extraordinaire comes under fire for a) attacking the marriage of advertising and journalism whilst b) misrepresenting her site as entirely reader-supported and ad-free, when in fact she uses affiliate links that earn her, by one man's estimate, between $240-432,000 a year. But affiliate links aren’t ads, cries Popova. Is she right?

Knight Foundation pays Jonah Lehrer $20k to speak, apologizes for it. The journalism institution paid the disgraced journalist for what “turned out to be a slyly exculpatory mea culpa,” and then offered their own less doctored mea culpa in response to the (merited) flack.

App of the week: Killswitch: This app deletes all of your Facebook interactions with your ex, saving you from having to delete your account. Or, ya know, you could just delete the relationship status field.