Gnip revs up its social data menuThe social media monitoring platform has added feeds for Reddit, Instagram, bitly, Stack Overflow, Panoramio and Plurk. What on earth is Plurk? 

The Facebook Phone is here!  And by "phone," I mean "collection of Facebook apps that are deeply integrated into Android and ready to track your every move.” 

Big week for brains, and what’s in ‘em. Obama announced the BRAIN project. The brain--especially its middle lobe--is notoriously difficult to comprehend, but the president is hoping a dream team of researchers and $100 million will prove a winning recipe. 
Plus: scientists are using MRI scans to predict images people see as they enter early stages of sleep. The predictions have a 60% accuracy rate. 

NY: Aereo Wins in Court (Again)The cable startup, which assigns each user a tiny antenna of their own through which they can access broadcast programming via internet on their phones and laptops, triumphed in court this week against the big media companies who called to shut it down. While this ruling will likely lead to another trial, it also clears a temporary path for Aereo's expansion into other states. 

Anonymous hacks North Korea’s Twitter and Flickr accounts. In a case of brilliant timing, @uriminzokkiri account has tweeted five times to signal that several North Korean websites, including and, along with the country’s Flickr account, have been hacked. Props for the hack, but is derailing Kim Jong II’s Flickr account worth escalating already high tensions between the US and NK?

Boston: Startup Institute launches its RampUp program to get high school kids to code
Programming jobs are increasing at a faster rate than computer science students can fill them, Boston’s Startup Institute hopes to reverse that equation through its RampUp program, which is aimed at getting high school kids started with coding. 

Twitter releases its new Cards feature.  Uncharacteristically, the point of Cards is to expose Twitter users to other applications. Where previously, a tweet's metadata would be exposed within Twitter, if at all, now that metadata is linked to the sources themselves. This is no great technical feat, but it is a big leap forward in terms of developer relations.

App of the week: Just sing it - karaoke app