Yahoo acquires Summly for $30 millionThis is notable because, well, $30 million ain’t total pocket change, but mostly because of b) the app's 17 year-old founder. Yahoo says this was a tech buy (they're integrating Summly's SRI-powered algorithms into Yahoo products), but some people think this was mostly a PR move, generating not just buzz but a stronger recruiting position.

15 year old boys kinda suck at media relations (shocker, amiright?). 

In Boston: Hubspot Acqui-hires 2 companiesChime, based in Toronto, is a Chrome app to aggregate updates from social media, email, Reddit, and more. PrepWork is a New Haven-based personal research assistant, designed to help with meeting prep. Both companies will be moving to Cambridge to join HubSpot.

In New York: 500 Startups opens a office/coworking space in NYCThey're accepting applications for Batmen and Jokers, but no Batemens, please.

Crickets after YCombinator's 2013 Demo Day. On the bright side: the days of trumpeting your startup as "Kickstarter for X" may at last be over.

Paying with Your FingertipsPayTango makes payments literally the touch of a button, in the palm of your hand, at your fingertips, and all those other fantastic puns and phrases. Hewing to its CMU roots, the app is rolling out to universities first.

Let them have Glass: Google uses a twitter campaign to award 8,000 lucky people with the chance to buy the $1500 glasses. Sorry, stalkers: the company is now combing through #ifihadglass responses and disqualifying anything that contains the phrase “cut a b$tch.”

Study confirms hackers really are lonely men who live in their parents' basements: University of Montreal professor Benoit Dupont analyzed the files of 10 hackers who were arrested in Quebec in 2008. Results: the typical hacker is male, 20so, socially immature, and lives with his rents.

Product of the week: FuelThis phone charger is the size of a quarter, shaped like a gas can, and can give you 20-30 minutes of talk time depending on your phone.