This week's stories: 

Because nothing keeps college "entrepreneur" types humble like the power that comes with disposable income. First Round Capital's college-only investment arm launched in Philly last year, and apparently their investment in Firefly paid off--the team is expanding to NYC, and they have $500k to invest in student startups. 

Back in Oct Zynga closed the doors of its Boston office. 5 of those employees got together to form a new games company called Proletariat Their first release: Hug the sloth! Why sloths? This is why. Next up is Letter Rush, which requires you to type the word before the stream of letters hits your game piece.

The venerable Nature Publishing Group acquired Frontiers, the young Swiss publishing company with a very high submission acceptance rate, pay-to-play, free-to-read model, and a social networking platform the Economist calls "a Linkedin for boffins." This is just the latest sign that the traditional subscription model for academic journals is being replaced by an open-access model. Aaron Schwartz would be proud. 

China flips the hack-attack accusations on their heads, claiming its defense sites faced an average of 91k hacking attempts/month from the US last year. 

Not finalized but reports of Nielsen looking i to incorporating ratings data for videos viewed on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, and streamed on devices like Xbox, Playstation and iPad. I mean, it’s about time. 

Seller said he was going to be among the first to get the glasses, but didn’t actually have them (username: bla7kcat). The bidding price hit $15,900 (aka more than 10x the selling price) before post was taken down.

Aka the end of the tech press’s universal love affair with MM. However bold, the move makes sense--in troubled times, a house divided doesn’t stand, and all. 

  • App of the week (kinda): iTunes U, which, six years in, just surpassed 1 billion downloads. U offers free lectures from universities around the world (Stanford’s lectures have been downloaded 60 million times). 
  • App of the week part 2: the aforementioned Hug the Sloth