Elise and I read a lot of tech blogs. Usually, we tweet about what we're reading, but 140 characters doesn't leave much room for nuance. In each episode of Truth in Tech, we'll cover the week's most interesting stories, along with one new app, should it catch our fancies. 

On the slate for this week: 

Chinese government blocks Github. Theories abound as to why. For now, Chinese devs can use OpenDNS or VPN to git back their access. 

TED explores the psychology behind the disorientating IKEA layout. Buy, buy, buy.

Spotify partners with EU teleco Orange. Free music streaming, provided you're under 27. 

Australian plastic surgeon files a lawsuit against Google over allegedly career-harming autocomplete suggestions. Algorithms can be so cruel. 

Microsoft in talks to purchase Dell for over $20billion. See, pushing Windows 8 pays off. Though a certain bekilted someone thinks the real answer to Dell's prayers is more "Dude, You're Getting a Dell" commercials. 

Twitter releases new video sharing/GIF-creation app Vine. Because the path to media relevancy is paved with 6-second infinite loop videos. 

TSA is replacing body scanners with biometric and biographical algorithms. Virtual patdowns are so much less invasive. 

NYPD begins testing a concealed weapon scanner. The device senses objects that block the body's natural terahurtz radiation. Say adios to the ol "but I'm just happy to see you" excuse.