Elise and I read a lot of tech blogs. Usually, we tweet about what we're reading, but 140 characters doesn't leave much room for nuance. In each episode of Truth in Tech, we'll cover the week's most interesting stories, along with one new app, should it catch our fancies. 

On the slate for this week: 

Deadspin reporters sift through Google's cache to figure out just how fake a football star's dead girlfriend is. The answer: extremely fake. 

Anonymous uses Aaron Schwartz's death as a platform for cyber crime reform, and MIT's website as a postcard

Those developers who shelled out $1500 to cut their hands on Project Glass are getting another look at Google's augmented reality baby, and its API backbone.

Facebook launches its combined term search engine, Graph Search. The good: you can now find friends of friends who are single, male, and live in Mountain View. The bad: they can find you. 

Leap Motion, aka the little motion censor that could, is now available at Best Buy stores. Great news, providing Best Buy stores remain available.

On her birthday, Michele Obama joins twitter. I noticed this 11 minutes after @FLOTUS sent out her first tweet, and she’d already amassed over 1k followers. 24 hours later, she has over 80k. 

Want to make $1000 a day to watch cat videos? All it takes is a VPN.

+ Quibb, a social reading app for people who read good.