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This ongoing series examines some of the key, exciting players in New York’s emerging data-based startup scene. The companies I’m highlighting differ in scope, design, and target industries, but converge around similar needs to store, process, and analyze large amounts of web data. You can read about the first five companies here.

1) 10Sheet

  • Product: 10Sheet is cloud-based bookkeeping application. Users snap photos of their receipts, then email or Fedex them to 10Sheet to be scanned, recorded, and turned into complete financial statements. 10Sheet can also automatically pull in your bank and credit card transactions.
  • Founders: Ian Crosby, CEO, Jordan Menashy, CMO, Paul Rodionov, CTO, Adam Saint, Creative Director
  • Target industry: Small businesses and individuals in need of bookkeepers
  • Location: Flatiron
  • Funders: TechStars

2) Visible Market

  • Product: StockTouch displays the real-time performance of 1400 stocks in 9
  • industries in a touch-enabled heatmap. Tapping a stock lets you dive deeper into its background and historical performance.
  • Founders: Jennifer Johnson, CEO, Steve de Brun
  • Target Industry: Currently independent investors, but VM plans to role out a software kit for institutions in 2013.
  • Funders: FinTech Innovation Lab, Marek Fludzinsky

3) Lua Technologies

  • Product: Lua is a communication, collaboration, and scheduling platform for mobile teams. Think of it as GroupMe + Google Drive + Tungle.me.
  • Founders: Michael DeFranco, CEO, Jason Krigsfeld, Eli Bronner
  • Target industries: Lua’s made a splash in the entertainment industry, but the platform would be useful to any companies with multiple teams of mobile workers
  • Location: Flatiron
  • Funders: IA Ventures, Aaron Stone, Strauss Zelnick, John Maloney


  • Product: Tout’d is a Facebook –based recommendation app. Users can ask for a recommendation for, say, a barbeque shack in Red Hook, and Tout’d will pass the question on to Tout’d-using friends and friends of friends.
  • Founders: Arron Kallenberg, Rob Morelli, Saro Cutri
  • Target industry: Consumer
  • Location: Flatiron
  • Funders: Tout’d was just acquired by Localcents. Previous funders include Warner Hill Angels

5) Hyperspace

What cool big data startups are you following (or founding. Or funding)? Let me know in the comments!






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