Mike Schneider is a strategic technology consultant, NECN’s go-to social media commentator, Senior Vice President and Director of Allen & Gerittsen’s Digital Incubator, co-author of Location Based Marketing for Dummies, and the host of #TechInterruption. One thing he is not: a slave to email. “The thing about email is it’s not my most important channel,” he tells me. Which is not to say he doesn’t use it (see below). However, whereas many of us treat email as both important and urgent, Schneider reserves the latter label for text messages. Result: an enviably cool-headed attitude. Read on to see it in action.


Email philosophy: “Don't treat email as urgent and important.”


  • Email service: Exchange (work), Gmail (personal), Yahoo (spam)
  • Email interface—desktop: outlook, web browser
  • Email interface—phone: apple mail default
  • Phone: iPhone
  • Third party apps/tools: Used Sparrow “for about an hour,” also tried Meshin. Now just uses the default options (Outlook, Gmail + Yahoo in the browser, native mail app), and finds them sufficient.


  • Work Emails received 08/02/12: ~60
  • Work emails sent 08/02/12: ~40
  • Desktop vs phone: The phone lends itself to terser communications, of which Schneider is not a fan, so he will sometimes defer responding until he gets to his laptop.
  • First checked email: 7:00am, at home
  • During the day: Mostly in meetings out of the office and primarily checked email from his phone.
  • Last checked email: Right before he went to bed.
  • Was Tuesday a typical day: Yes.
  • Weekend use: Doesn't check work email often, and pretty much only checks from iPhone or iPad.
  • Vacation use: Pretty much same as on weekends, plus puts up an out of office message, so responds less frequently.
  • Email overload alert: Green