While Nick predicts that in a few years, Meteor will be a lingua fraca, currently, it's more like Elvish or cryptophasia--that is, used by solo developers for personal projects and used by teams for prototyping (more on that later). That said, the number of public Meteor apps is growing, and their foci are myriad. Below, I've listed ten I find interesting. You can browse through a great many more at madewithmeteor.com, and, as always, if there are some I've missed, please let me know in the comments!

1) JSpot

  • What: An algorithmically-driven dating/friendship/casual encounters app for Jews (and the goyim who love 'em). 
  • Made by: Ted Blackman & Elissa Shevinsky
  • State: public beta

2) Share with 911

  • What: An app that enables real-time communication between schools in lock-down and first responders. Communication formats include text and email broadcasts, check-ins, lost & found information, and an aggregated live stream. 
  • Made by: Erik Endress & Adrian Lanning 
  • State: limited beta

3) Greenqloud

4) Wondergraphs

5) BookTrad.es

  • What: Used academic book marketplace. Currently Booktrade.es only handles the postings; exchange is handled by buyer and seller. 
  • Made by: Sam Verhasselt
  • State: limited beta 

6) EtherPOS

  • What: A point of sale system that supports multiple regions, locations, registers, users, and products. 
  • Made by: Stephen Cannon
  • State: limited beta

7) Pegleg

  • What: Crowdsourced full-length movies from Youtube.
  • Made by: Mina Mikhail
  • State: public

8) Subtitles

  • What: Lets you create caption files for video projects. You can transcribe audio while the video is playing, or import an SRT file. 
  • Made by: Ben McMahen 
  • State: public

9) Gander

  • What: An email app that intelligently sorts incoming messages based on your correspondence history.
  • Made by: Us!
  • State: limited beta