Last night, ~20 Meteorites parsed my vague directions and ascended the stairs of 72 Allen St past two levels of an erstwhile Real Housewife's furniture store to refurbed oasis of Projective Space. The rewards for their journey: brews, demos, q&a, impromptu hacking, and Meteor tees galore. 

The demos were from two other companies using Meteor in the wild:

Share with 911 allows people in lockdown states to communicate with police and colleagues. This app fills a real void--one that our post-Newtown nation is ever more aware needs filling. 

JSpot (from Meteor captains Elissa Shevinsky and Ted Blackman), which currently uses algorithms to match you with cute Jews and eventually aims to be Facebook for dating. 

It was really neat to see what people are building, and also to hear just how excited everyone is about the real-time, synchronous web framework. Before leaving, one Meteor-newcomer remarked that the past two hours had been the most fun he'd had coding in a long time. 

I have a feeling he has some more fun coming :)

Many thanks to Projective for letting us use their lovely space (startups seeking coworking space--they have a few desks left!). Also many thanks to Meteor for funding the event!