As you may have already realized, we're pretty big fans of the open source web framework Meteor. We like how any changes we make are instantly visible. We like that the server and client can share a lot of javascript code while keeping some of it (like, say, our handy dandy relevancy sorting hat) to themselves. We like not having to manually replace parts of the page just because the data's changed (especially considering our data is always changing). We like the client/server's publish/subscription workhorse/farmer's marketer relationship. We don't like the lack of proper debuggers, or the excessive server round-trips, but, to quote Osgood in Some Like It Hot, "nobody's perfect."

In fact, we're such big fans of Meteor that we've decided to put together a combination drinkup/hackathon in its honor. JSpot CEO and Meteor NY Captain Elissa is co-organizing/hosting. It was her (excellent) idea to add beer to the mix, because, as you well know, a hackathon without beer is like a musician without an ear. Or something. 

As for the hackathon itself, we have a few ideas (Meteorite James suggested a microblog or real-time chat program), but we'll leave the deciding to the group! In the meantime, get inspired by checking out the neat apps built by Meteorites in Johannesburg and Minneapolis

The meetup will be held at Projective Space LES (map). It starts at 6:30pm, and the (rough) schedule is:

  • 6:30-7: meet, greet, mingle
  • 7-7:15: brainstorm an app to build
  • 7:15-8:15: build!
  • 8:15-8:30: show 'er off!

Afterwords, those in a more Dylan Thomasy frame of mind can repair to a nearby bar (we're in the LES, so there'll be plenty of options). 

The meetup, beer, Meteor tees, and Meteor stickers included, is absolutely free. You can rsvp on Meetup, Facebook, or this Google sign up sheet!

Can't wait to see you all there!