meteor meetup.png

Spring is here, summer's a'comin, and we're celebrating with our second Meteor meetup! Because nothing says "hello, nice weather!" like server-side javascript, amiright? 

Last time, we walked you through building your first Meteor app. This time, we're going to talk about security. Hopefully you'll talk back.

Why security? Actually, if you ask that you'll make us doubt our choice, because word on the street is: there's lots of confusion/consternation around security in Meteor. This meetup aims to alleviate that. As we learned whilst building v1 of Gander, Meteor a) has security and b) it's good, provided you know how to use it. 

On the docket:

  • Meteor's security model
  • authentication schemes and configuration
  • publishing with allow/deny

Also on the docket:

  • pizza
  • local beer
  • merriment

In the 'hood? Please come by! It's free, and if the last meetup was anything to go by, should be a lot of fun! You can RSVP here: