Well, folks, MEC is nigh and Twitter is a' buzz with tweets like "Almost done working. #MECisBack, here I come!" and "Where did I put my 'things to pack' list? Time to get ready for#MECisBACK" and "Was streaking through the atrium specifically ruled out in the #MECisBack terms of service?"

While I have not yet packed my swim trunks and flippy-floppies, I have put together a list of Softies, speakers, bloggers, and all-around champions who, in addition to their Exchange prowess, also maintain active Twitter presences. If you use Twitter (and believe me, at conferences, it can be a godsend), go forth and follow!

People to follow: Microsoft

Writers, Bloggers, Podcasters



Of course, you can also follow us: @ripariandata, @clairedwillett, and @davidwihl. Or, you know, visit us in person in the exhibit hall, where we'll be demoing Gander, handing out tee-shirts, and grilling passersby about their email habits.

Annd, if you're looking for session, event, dinning, and speaker information, you should check out our Hitchhiker's Guide to MEC and read about the six sessions we really want to attend.

See ya in Orlando!