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Most people wake up on a Friday morning happy to wrap up the week, but my alarm clock last Friday was something that I hope to never experience again.  It was the Belmont Police Department notifying me that my town, my home were under a “Shelter In Place”.  Shelter In Place! It's usually beneficial to increase one's vocabulary, but that particular phrase is one I hope I never hear again. The reason for the SiP: Belmont, MA (my town) borders not only Watertown but also Cambridge.

My first reaction was to turn on the news, check my phone for messages and then try to piece this together.  I had text messages from neighbors and an email from our CEO that the office was closed with instructions to work remotely.  Then the phone calls started coming in from my family that live in other states.   

A mile down the road in Watertown, minutes from our HQ,  the biggest manhunt the city of Boston has ever undertaken was underway, as what felt like the world watched. 

Let’s try to put this in perspective.  Boston may be a big city but almost all of us knew someone that was running that day, in fact, my co-worker, Elise Kovi had an amazing run!  She finished in under 4 hours and crossed the finish line minutes before the first bomb exploded.  This was her first Boston Marathon and we were tracking her every step of the way!  Our excitement was quickly dampened when the first report of attacks surfaced, and our hearts broke as the horrific events unfolded. Thankfully, though, Elise and her family were not hurt.

Shifting my focus to the (then) present,  I wondered what could, and should be done to keep my projects moving forward given the straining circumstances.  Leading talent acquisition for this team, a big part of what I do is promoting our brand, our culture and a company on the cutting edge of technology.  If you are in this line of work, employer branding is big.  I am the first person that candidates talk with when they are exploring a role on our team.  

Quickly, I decided that Friday, April 19, 2013 was not a day for me to reach out and introduce who we are and what we do.  Instead, it turned into a day of inbox zero and planning my searches for the week.  I knew in my heart that Boston would prevail as a city and Monday, April 22, 2013 would be the start to an awesome week.

From this recruiter, headquartered in Watertown, MA and proud to be part of a very strong community!

Were you in the Boston area last Friday? How did you handle the Shelter in Place?