As we all know, email is about as broken as the current Congress. Over the course of roughly 100 interviews with highly active emailers, several common complaints emerged:

  1. So much email, so little time to process it all
  2. So much superfluous email
  3. Inability to find important emails
  4. Inability to find older emails

There isn’t a panacea (yet!), but each of the following 8 apps, plugins, and services solves at least one of the aforementioned complaints.

If you get too many newsletters:

If you want to be able to defer some emails and remind yourself about others:

  • Boomerang
  • Works with: Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook 

If you want to convert text to calendar items in one-click:

If you need to see important emails first, and Priority Inbox isn't cutting it:

  • Sanebox
  • Works with: Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and more

If you want sleeker, more navigable versions of Apple Mail and

If you want diesel search:

If there are certain senders whose emails you want to see instantly, at all hours:

  • AwayFind
  • Works with: Gmail/Google Apps, Outlook, Exchange, Android, iPhone

If you want to be able to do anything you can do from a browser inside your inbox:

  • PowerInbox
  • Works with: Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, Outlook, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE

If you want better threading (who doesn't?):

Have you used any of these tools? Are there any I haven’t mentioned that you love? Drop a line in the comments or get @ me!