In June, Gmail overtook the email service formerly known as Hotmail/currently known as in global users, with 425 million to's 325 million. However, a peek at some of the world's most active emailers tells a different story, one dominated by One exception: India, the birthplace of Hotmail. The other is the United States, where Yahoo! (still) reigns. 

Two other interesting takeaways: 

1) Gmail is likely the brand-name mail service of choice in much of the developing world, given its lack of appearance on the map below.

2) People who read tech blogs (which are full of Yahoo! Mail derision, though mostly respectful of the Mayership itself) are not the same people who use Yahoo! Mail, and there are more of the latter than the former.  

Also, a confession/rant: when i initially got the idea to do an infographic of the world's email service preferences, I thought it would be easy-peasy. I was wrong, either because search engines don't like me, or because the information isn't there, or because it's there but behind non-searchable paywalls.  Thus, this map is (obviously) very incomplete at the moment, but I will keep updating it as I find usage stats for more continents and countries. 


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