When we started building the app now known as Skimbox, we knew corporate email overload was a problem--for us, it was the problem. What we hadn't realized was just how big a problem it was.

Big top big. Godzilla big. China's-population-in-comparison-to-Japan's big. 

For starters, corporate email itself is big. According to the oft-cited Radicati, there are 85 million corporate email accounts today, and that number is growing. These accounts sent 89 billion (!) emails a day. A day, people. 

As you might have guessed, many of those emails range from "totally superfluous" to "not that important." And these emails, or, as Microsoft calls them, graymail, are the primary cause of email overload.  

There are roughly 17,251 blog posts about defeating email overload, so I'm not going to lay another one on you. But, over the course of user testing, pitch deck-building, and video brainstorming, I've come across a number of eye-grabby statistics on corporate email overload. [1]