Whew. You guys--we made it! I think. I mean, I'm writing this from a verrrry crowded temporary coworking space in Midtown west, which is an area I normally avoid like the plague. And it took me, oh, just 2.5 hours to get here. But, n'importe quoi. Sandy is gone, and I can think of no better way to celebrate than to carry on with the same activities that got us through her: board games, beer, and pizza.

As Obama and the Allman Brothers have said, "I'm going to keep on keeping on." And so are we. And so, we hope, are you.

Ze deets:

  • What: Pandemic. Settlers of Catan. Dogfish Head. Pepperonis. Peppers. Poker faces.
  • Where: SA/RD HQ, 3 Brook Street, Watertown, MA, 02474
  • When:  Wednesday, November 7th, from 6-10pm.
  • How much: Free! We are the land of beer and honey.
  • RSVP here.

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