In February, Nick and I helped host the inaugural Meteor NY meetup at Projective LES. Amidst the convivial, "what brings you here" chatter, two common patterns emerged: 

Most attendees had either 1) heard of Meteor but never used it or 2) just started playing around with it in their spare time. 

This makes sense considering Meteor's youth--I think there are only a handful of public Meteor apps at present, though I'm fairly certain there will be dozens, if not hundreds in a year from now. 

Anyways, knowing this, we thought that our next meetup should focus on how to build your first app in Meteor. This meetup is happening at our Watertown, MA HQ on Wednesday, April 3rd, from 6:30pm to around 9pm.  You can register on or Eventbrite

The format is pretty simple: Nick will provide step-by-step instructions to all who are interested, and at the end, you'll have a working, if basic, web app. NOTE: Please bring your laptop, if you can. 

Now, if you've already built your first or second or hundredth Meteor app, we would love to have you help instruct those less familiar with the framework. We'd also love to hire you, so, if you're interested, please let me know :)

As the post title indicates, this meetup will be enhanced with decent pizza and good beer. Also, since the bus isn't everyone's idea of transportation heaven, I'm going to try to arrange for a few Ubers to ferry city dwellers to and fro. I'll post pickup locations to the meetup event page later this week. 

If you want to bone up on your Meteor larnin' before the meetup, David's Meteor Resources post is a good place to start, as is Meteor's website, which provides some sample code for basic apps.