This ongoing series examines some of the key, exciting players in Boston’s emerging Big Data arena. The companies I’m highlighting differ in growth stages, target markets and revenue models, but converge around similar needs to store, process, and analyze large amounts of web data. You can read about the first thirty companies here.

1)   Luminoso

  • Product: Luminoso is a super-smart cloud-based text analyzer that needs nothing more than your raw data to perform topic, concept, and sentiment analysis and visualize the results.  Luminoso’s models absorb your internal lexicon and match it to the English, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Italian words they already know.
  • Founders:  Dr. Catherine HavasiRob SpeerJason AlonsoDennis ClarkKen Arnold
  • Technologies used: NLP, knowledge representation, information extraction, semantic networks
  • Target industry: This is useful for anyone who needs to do sentiment and topic analysis; it’s also good for expert location and matching.
  • Location:  Kendall Square

2) Wanderu

  • Product: An aggregate search engine for bus and train itineraries. “How is this not already a thing” you ask? Answer: have you looked at bus company websites?  Currently, Wanderu’s search extends to 65% of the northeast bus market.
  • Founders: Polina Raygorodskaya, CEO, Igor Bratnikov, COO
  • Technologies used: Python, Javascript (jquery, backbone.js), node.js, Java (and JVM languages), MongoDB, Neo4j
  • Target industry/market: Consumer
  • Location: Downtown

3) CloudHealth Technologies

  • Product: CloudHealth is a platform that, as its name suggests, analyzes the health of your company’s cloud environment, and make performance/cost adjustments based on those analyses.
  • Founders: Dan Phillips, CEO, Joe Kinsella, CTO, Dave Eicher, COO
  • Technologies used: Amazon Cloud Services, Git, Chef, JRuby, Ruby on Rails
  • Target industry/market: Enterprise
  • Funders: 406 Ventures and Sigma Prime Ventures
  • Location: Fort Point

4) Clypd

  • Product: Clypd’s ad exchange will deliver targeted ads to consumers of interactive television. Vague, you say? Try parsing their website copy. 
  • Founders: Joshua Summers, CEO, Doug Hurd, VP of Business Development
    Technologies used: Ruby/Rails, CouchBase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Storm, HTML5, Javascript
  • Target industries: Media, advertising
  • Funders: Scott Savitz, Ryan Moore, Tribeca Venture Partners, Boston Seed Capital, Transmedia Capital
  • Location: Kendall Square

5) Ditto Labs

  • Product: Ditto analyzes your Facebook photos, extracts entities and suggests related events, places, and products based on them. (I wrote about why FB should do something similar last spring.)
  • Founders: David Rose, CEO, Neil Mayle, CTO
  • Technologies used: machine vision, geolocation, entity extraction, Open Graph
  • Target industries/markets: Consumer, advertising
  • Funders: Nicholas Negroponte, Richard Dale, Sonja Perkins