[Image via StreamBase]

This ongoing series examines some of the key, exciting players in Boston’s emerging Big Data arena. The companies I’m highlighting differ in growth stages, target markets and revenue models, but converge around their belief that the data is the castle, and their tools the keys. You can read about the first ten companies here and here.

11) StreamBase

  • Products: StreamBase Complex Event Processing Platform lets you build applications for analyzing real-time streaming data alongside historical data. StreamBase LiveView adds an in-memory data warehouse and a BI front-end to the equation, essentially giving you live (well, a few milliseconds behind) BI.
  • Founder: Richard Tibbetts (t |ln), Michael Stonebraker
  • Technologies used: Complex Event Processing, StreamSQL, cloud storage, pattern-matching, in-memory data warehouse, end-user query interface
  • Target Industries: Capital Markets, Intelligence and Security, MMO, Internet and Mobile Commerce, Telecomunications and Networking
  • Location: Lexington, MA

12) Attivio

  • Products: The Active Intelligence Engine is a unified information architecture software that combines your structured data and unstructured content into one BI platform.
  • Founder: Ali I. Riaz (ln), Sid Probstein (t |ln)
  • Technologies used: hybrid index, query-time JOIN operator, SQL, content analysis, semantic analysis, real-time updates and actions
  • Target industries: Financial Services, eBusiness, Media, Government & Intelligence, Manufacturing, Life Sciences.
  • Location: Newton, MA

13) InsightSquared

  • Product: InsightSquared is a platform for CRM analytics, including activity dashboards, sales forecasts, data quality monitoring, interactive visualizations, and employee and client tagging and filtering.
  • Founders: Fred Shilmover (t|ln), Samuel Clemens (t |ln), Bryan Stevenson (ln)
  • Technologies used: data scrubbing, modeling, algorithmic forecasting
  • Target industries: Consulting, Recruiting & Staffing
  • Location: Cambridge, MA

14) Paradigm4

  • Product: Paradigm4 is the commercial version of SciDB, a MPP distributed array database built to work with multi-dimensional data. Analytics are baked into the query languages, AQL and AFL .
  • Founders: Michael Stonebraker, Marilyn Matz (ln)
  • Technologies used: MPP distributed database, array operations, AQL, AFL
  • Target industries: Pharm & Biotech, Insurance Telematics, Healthcare Analytics, Financial Services
  • Location: Waltham, MA

15) Localytics

  • Product: Localytics is a real-time analytics platform for mobile and tablet applications. Its dashboards drill into customer behavior and usage data, and allow custom and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Founders: Raj Aggarwal (t| ln), Henry Cipolla (t | ln), Brian Suthoff (t | ln), Andrew Rollins (t | ln)
  • Technologies used: Vertica, MongoDB, Scala, Rails
  • Target industries: Mobile Technology
  • Location: Cambridge, MA