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[Updated 03/14/2012]

This ongoing series examines some of the key, exciting players in Boston’s emerging Big Data arena. The companies I’m highlighting differ in growth stages, target markets and revenue models, but converge around their belief that the data is the castle, and their tools the keys. You can read about the first fifteen companies here, here, and here.

16) Bluefin Labs

  • Product: Bluefin Signals is an analytics platform that tracks social media conversations about TV.
  • Founders: Deb Roy (t ln), the former director of the MIT Media Lab, Michael Fleishman (ln)
  • Technologies used: Deep machine learning, language grounding,  semantic analysis, video fingerprinting
  • Target Industries: TV networks, ad agencies, brand advertisers
  • Location: Cambridge

17) Crimson Hexagon:

  • Product: Crimson Hexagon is a BI platform for social media monitoring and analysis. It uses a patented human-trained statistical analysis algorithm to analyze unstructured text.
  • Founder: Gary King (t ln)
  • Technologies used: Machine learning,  automated content analysis, NLP
  • Target industries: Social Media and Digital Marketing, Social Media Consulting, Online Search
  • Location: Boston

18) Dataxu

  • Product: DX3 is a digital marketing management platform with analytics, interative report visualizations, and audience, inventory, and campaign management features.
  • Founders: Mike Baker (t b), Bruce Journey (ln), Willard Simmons (t ln)
  • Technologies used: retargeting, complex event processing, combinatorial optimization, real-time data decisioning
  • Target industries: Mobile Networks, Mobile Ads, Digital Ads, Auto, Financial Services
  • Location: Boston

19) Icosystem

  • Product: Predictive analytics for complex networks. Hunch Engine is a recommendation engine for applications that recommend items to users based on implied preferred characteristics.
  • Founder: Dr. Eric Bonabeau (t ln)
  • Technologies used: agent-based modeling, genetic algorithms, recommendation engine, complex network analysis
  • Target industries: Healthcare, Pharma, Gaming, Natural Resources, Advertising
  • Location: Cambridge

20) Cloudbees

  • Product: Cloudbees is a PaaS for Java consisting of a developing platform (DEV@cloud) and a deployment platform (RUN@cloud). Users can deploy applications to any public cloud, hosted cloud, or private on-premise data ceneter. Jenkins is a Continuous Integration server available as an open source project and an enterprise subscription.
  • Founder: Sacha Labourey (t b)
  • Technologies used: IaaS, PaaS, CI, Java, JVM-based languages + frameworks
  • Target industries: SaaS, Storage, eCommerce
  • Location: Woburn



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