apps we're thankful for

["All in the Family" by Jeremy Miller]

Tomorrow, just before you nosedive into Great Aunt Muriel's famously belt-busting pecan pie, take a moment to think some warm and fuzzy thoughts about those special, non-needy, non-inquisitive, non-forever asking you when you're going to settle down and get married apps in your life.

Just kidding! That's what today is for. Below, the apps that make Riparian Data's team of Gander handlers happy. Feel free to add yours in the comments!

David Wihl, CEO: 

  • Evernote
  • iOS Maps. Gwen, a random chimpanzee in Botswana, and I are the only two living creatures who actually prefer Apple's iOS maps to Google Maps. [True--Ed]
  • The Trello app has grown up and is now better than using Trello via a browser.
  • The SephardiJews app, because it was written by a friend's son who is only 13 years old.
  • The Loro Piana app so I can both drool and scoff at $18,000 men's coats, in an app that often crashes.

Paula Marciante, Senior Talent Acquisition Manager: 

  • Evernote

Nicholas Martin, Software Engineer: 

  • Evernote
  • Mog
  • (I don't really use many apps.)

Scott Dugas, Software Engineer:

  • Mog

Michael Fargnoli, QA Engineer:

  • Definitely Spotify. It's made me a complete human being.

Jim Stallings, Egg Chef:

  • Productivity app: Evernote
  • Content app: Netflix

Sean Kermes, Software Engineer:

  • I don't really use apps - as far as I'm concerned my phone is out to get me and not to be trusted - but I do have a site that tella me thecurrent Mars weather pinned to my home screen.  I get worried about Curiosity, and it's nice to know that it'll get up to a balmy 8 degrees C today.

My own favorites:

  • NPR app. Every show that's on NPR, available over livestream or regular stream. Sometimes I like to dip into streams in the High Plains and Boise, just to hear what's on their local news.
  • The Super Times. A hand-culled assortment of the week's best podcasts, delivered to your iTunes. Since I don't use iTunes for music anymore, this is the only time that app gets opened.

Now, go forth and download. And have a lovely Turkey day!